At Piccozzi & Partners, we pride ourselves on being a niche Business & Technology Strategy consulting firm with a comprehensive approach to transforming businesses and driving success. Our core focus lies in leveraging our deep industry knowledge, business intelligence expertise, data science capabilities, and technological innovation to deliver meaningful results for our clients.

With over 30 years of experience, our team of dedicated professionals is committed to understanding the unique challenges and opportunities within various industries. We partner with businesses, organizations, and institutions to develop and execute customized strategies that foster growth and maximize profitability.

Our data-centric approach allows us to gather valuable business intelligence and transform it into actionable insights. This, combined with our innovative technology solutions, ensures that our clients stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving market landscape.

At Piccozzi & Partners, we believe in empowering our clients through the synergy of business acumen and technological prowess, providing them with the tools and expertise needed to navigate the complexities of today’s business world.

Our Vision

To become the Trusted Strategy Partner in the region.

Piccozzi & Partners

Our Mission

Bring innovation and transformational change to the leading businesses, governments, and institutions across Asia and the Middle East through the use of data, empirical analysis, and the best network of international professionals.

We Expertise in Business & Technology Strategy Consulting
Data Science, and Industry Knowledge

Our Value

Responsibility and Obligation

Responsibility and Obligation are the cornerstones of Piccozzi & Partners dedication to every Customer’s success and strategic relationship with our Business Partners. In Piccozzi & Partners we believe that predisposition to ownership and ‘response-ability’, in conjunction to a rigorous commitment and obligation, are key factors to achieve the stated goals, objectives, and ultimate vision.

Value Focused

Piccozzi & Partners understands the importance of unique, innovative, value-added services. The successful adoption of a formal value-based approach and management methodology is a differentiator to delivering successful business visions and initiatives and create shareholder value. Piccozzi & Partners believes a value-focused approach is important to enable effective managerial behaviors and improve both operating and capital efficiency.

Sharing the Risk

Since businesses and shareholders expect an adequate return of their investment, Piccozzi & Partners adopts a risk-sharing approach which lowers any potential costs by introducing diversification effects to its Clients. Keeping risk within complex business initiatives comes with a cost, and Piccozzi & Partners offers a sophisticated approach and a set of methodologies to mitigate such exposure.

Intelligent Innovation

Piccozzi & Partners ́ applied Intelligent Innovation provides our business partners and clients with access to proven business strategy, world-class expertise, leading-edge
solutions, and global delivery capabilities. With an impressive track record of working with major businesses, governments, and institutions, Piccozzi & Partners ́ continuous innovation enables the transformation from business strategy to operational reality.

Professional Foundation

In Piccozzi & Partners we seek, hire, and promote individuals with integrity, passion for commitment and excellence, and leadership potential. For this reason, at the foundation of its values, Piccozzi & Partners creates a network of leading experts in the relevant fields of competence and develops, inspires, and equip young as well as senior professionals to make a positive impact for our Business Partners and Clients by delivering value and innovation around our business and legal advisory services

Knowledge and Skill Transfer

One of the most important criteria is to use models, techniques, and tools which are understood by a client organization. This is why Piccozzi & Partners considers knowledge and skill transfer as one of the most important values within the firm. Knowledge is complex and resides in organizational members, tools, tasks, and their sub-networks. It is through a comprehensive skill-transfer process and methodology instilled throughout each phase of a business initiative that Piccozzi & Partners enables team members to thrive in business environments and Clients to recognize Piccozzi & Partners ́ competitive edge in delivering leading business and legal advisory services.

“Responsibility and obligation are the cornerstones
of Piccozzi and Partners”

Registered and headquartered in support to the local thriving businesses and economy of Indonesia,
reaching out internationally through strategic partnerships and collaborations.

Piccozzi & Partners
Piccozzi & Partners

To help entrepreneurs get their act together
before they talk to investors.

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