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We are a specialised Business & Technology Strategy consulting company with a core focus on providing key industry knowledge, data science expertise, and technology innovation know-how.

Our team of data scientists adopt a data-centric approach to gather meaningful business intelligence and define strategies to transform businesses and operations for ultimate profit.

We advise businesses, organizations and institutions on high-level decisions in an unbiased fashion using our expertise of more than 30 years to enable strategies and deliver quantitative results.

Data is our PASSION. PEOPLE is our asset

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Our Business Strategy Services

We partner with business, organisations, and institutions to become their trusted advisors and define new go-to-market strategies that can demonstrate meaningful results and growth opportunities in their respective markets.

Our best practices and pluri-decennial experience in dedicated industries allow us to assist our customers in delivering transformational changes, enabling new service models, and thriving through strategic alliances and initiatives.

Our data-driven strategy model is a unique methodology that delivers quantitative and objectives results to our customers across various areas of expertise.

Fintech Supply Chain Strategy

Unlock YOUR potentials by introducing intelligent supply chain models through the power of new fintech initiatives.

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Digital Transformation Strategy

Enhance YOUR customer experiences by optimising your processes and enabling agile operations.

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Business Intelligence Strategy

Achieve YOUR business outcomes by leveraging on real data insights, industry knowledge, and intelligence.

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Corporate Strategy

Create YOUR strategy for the future by unlocking the power of business, technology and operations.

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CSOaaSChief Strategy Officer as a Service

Onboard your own Chief Strategy Officer through our agile engagement model. Take advantage of more than 30 years of industry knowledge and expertise to address immediate needs and define meaningful strategies that can be executed to deliver transformational change and quantifiable results.

– Unlock new business models for new market opportunities

– Enhance your operations to be a vehicle for revenue and growth

– Drive the execution of strategic partnerships and alliances

Our Consulting Services

At Piccozzi & Partners, we understand that each organization has unique needs and challenges, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of Consulting Services tailored to your specific requirements. Our team of experienced professionals possesses the industry knowledge, expertise, and skills necessary to address your most pressing concerns and help you achieve your strategic objectives. Explore our eight expert consulting services and discover how Piccozzi & Partners can drive success and transformation for your organization.

Data is our PASSION. PEOPLE is our asset

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Our Technology Strategy Services

Our Team of technologists and data scientists help businesses, organisations and institutions to harvest the value of their data and leverage on the advancements of the latest technologies in order to unlock new revenue opportunities and deliver growth.

Our knowledge is based on more than 25 years of experience in designing and developing complex technical solutions.

Our expertise in digitizing workflows allow business to address specific use cases and optimise their operations and delivery capabilities in a even-competitive market.

Cybersecurity Governance Strategy

Define, deploy, and manage a cybersecurity strategy that is tailored to the threats and vulnerabilities affecting YOUR industry and business.

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Process Automation Strategy

Implement an Internet of Things or Robotic Process Automation strategy to automate, streamline, and optimise YOUR operations.

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Blockchain Adoption Strategy

Design and deploy a truly decentralized network that delivers sustainable distributed and immutable trust across all YOUR information assets.

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Applied Data Science Strategy

Unlock YOUR data powerhouse by introducing data-driven strategies and decision-making processes across your organisation.

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CTOaaSChief Technology Officer as a Service

Onboard a Chief Technology Officer with more than 25 years of industry experience and a unique combination of technology know-how and data science expertise to engage immediately on your most demanding digital transformation in order to define and execute strategies in support to the growth and performance of your business.

– Define a data pipeline strategy to enable analytical business decisions

– Build a digital transformation roadmap and launch new product offerings or solutions

– Define your execution strategy for fintech, robotic process automation, or artificial intelligence.

Data is our PASSION. PEOPLE is our asset

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Customer Reach

Our services are based on our direct experience working in specific industries over the last 30 years. We offer Business and Technology Strategy across a wide range of functions within these industries. As a result, our services are tailored to deliver meaningful value to our customers. We harvest data and leverage on technological innovations which, combined with our industry knowledge, allow us to deliver true transformational results.


We deliver strategies to enable the agendas for smart cities by allowing entities to modernise their capabilities and services.



Our strategies promote secure, affordable, and sustainable energy through the transition to market-oriented low-carbon energy sector.


Oil & Gas

Our services offer digitalisation strategies to enable proactive monitoring, analysis, and management of both upstream and downstream operations.



We define go-to-market and product strategies and roadmaps for the establishment and launch of new fintech initiatives.



Our strategy services are focused to enhance digital customer experience, data analysis capabilities, process automation, and innovation.



We define and implement data strategies to build machine learning and analytics capabilities in support to the insurance market.



Our robotic and business process automation strategy services help organisations to reduce operating costs while increase output and profitability.



Our strategy services help building data engine models to collect and analyse trends and behaviour, and build closer customer engagements.


Data is our PASSION. PEOPLE is our asset

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